At Fat Potato we are keen to help out within our local community.

Sponsored Rider: Charlie Bultitude

Considering we’re based in Gloucestershire, it has to be equestrian related! We’re delighted to be sponsoring Charlie Bultitude as he competes and develops Irish Sports horse Brego in a number of disciplines.

Charlie is also a qualified registered BHS Stage 4 Senior Coach, with experience in teaching and coaching of all ages and abilities from lead rein to B test and stage 4 standard.

Supporting the Cotswold RDA

Another association close to our hearts is the Cotswold RDA. 

We’re working alongside a selection of other partners to improve the way the Cotswold RDA record and track riders’ progress.

The current process can be quite slow and “clunky”, so we’re donating developer time to update them with a new online system which will be much more responsive and offer more options on how to celebrate riders’ successful journeys. 


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